The Mountains We Climb


acrylic painting of mountains By Cameron Pattison

Painting by Cameron Patterson.

Have you ever seen a mountain in the distance, snow-capped, surrounded by blue sky and fluffy white clouds? Maybe you felt the excitement of an adventure bubbling. And then doubt your ability to reach the summit? This my readers is being human.

Many years ago, I returned to learning and the said to me ‘women were not so good as men at making five-year plans.’ She went on to say men were better at seeing and saying what they wanted and forging on to achieve their goals.

I don’t know if that is true, but she did go on to say that taking the first step, however, small is the start of your journey.  An important lesson for me. I had always wanted to be a hairdresser. This was something my parents didn’t want me to do when I left school. In those days it was not thought of as a creative job but something you did if you weren’t so bright!

Now in my mid 30’s with 2 young children, I enrolled in an adult hairdressing course. I worked one day a week in a salon for 4 years getting my practical training as payment. I was the oldest junior in town! And I loved it! I never minded the mindless tasks of sweeping up, and cleaning mirrors, after all that was second nature to me being a Mum. Life experience had taught me how to deal with clients.  That and my charm and the ability to talk on any level. As time went by I had my clients and managed to find a work-life balance.

Fast forward 20 years and my husband tells me that he won’t ever retire. So at a time when some of my friends are planning their retirement, I find myself embarking on my next career.

While on a yoga holiday I was inspired by my group of yogis. They all had alongside their careers a holistic side hustle. This got me thinking and I remembered a fascination I once had with hypnotherapy. All be it from a stage hypnotist. Never the less it had left a lasting impression. I remembered afterward that I had had the most relaxed feeling.

After returning home, I started to look into courses. Feeling I was somehow being propelled down a path. Because every article I read, every program I watched or listened to, everyone I spoke to, everywhere I went hypnotherapy was mentioned.  Was this my destiny? I now know that was because it was in the forefront of my mind. I enrolled in a Solution Focused Hypnotherapy course and started my next adventure.

Once again I found myself at the bottom of the mountain looking up. I took that first step, stumbling many times on the way to the summit, but I took that first step! Now here I am standing enjoying the view, taking in the mountain ranges in front of me. Steading myself in readiness for what my future brings, knowing that I have the strength, and the inner resilience to take on any challenges.

Maybe you have your mountain to climb and maybe I can help you also to reach your summit.

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