About Me

Susanne Leigh DSFH DMH Dip Med

Weight-Loss Therapist

I really dislike the phrase mindset and weight-loss but I am really passionate about helping you to live a life where every waking hour isn’t consumed by thinking about food. This was the reason I became a hypnotherapist. I have also struggled over the years with emotional eating so I had to prove to myself first that I had the right tools before I could help others.

“I Susanne Leigh Hypnotherapyknow I like myself. I embrace my strengths. My weaknesses, and my slightly quirky mad bits. They are who I am!

I’m not perfect by any stretch of the imagination. But, I try to always be the best version of myself. I do this by surrounding myself with strong intelligent people. Some by luck (family) most by choice. They’ve helped shape the person I am.

Also, how I think about my life influences and affects me and my loved ones.

We all have our own narrative. Maybe not always a fairy tale. However, that’s not going to stop me from creating my happy endings.

What I’m trying to say is, I’m normal!

 I would love to work with you.

“Oh yeah! I also have a husband, children, grandchildren, and a spaniel called Nelson.”

I trained with the prestigious Clifton Practice http://www.cpht.co.uka recognised center of excellence in Solution Focused Hypnotherapy, I hold the Hypnotherapy Practitioners Diploma which is considered the ‘Gold Standard’ in Hypnotherapy training.


More recently I completed a Diploma in Medical Hypnotherapy at the http://www.clinicalhypnotherapyschool.com

One Life . Your Life