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I want to reassure you that you will have full control the whole time. Trance is just a state of relaxation where your brain waves slow down. This is very similar to the REM state, (rapid eye movement) that you experience when you are sleeping. During REM your brain consolidates emotions and memories. Keeping what is important, and filing, or deleting what isn’t useful to you.

This means you can only make the changes you want. I cannot make you! For example, if you came to me because your doctor said ‘you need to lose weight’. That’s not what you want. You have to want the results you’re looking for.

Quite often we know ‘what we don’t want but, not what we do want!’ When your brain has a clear idea of your needs it can do its job and find a solution. My job is to guide you to use your imagination to see and feel your preferred future. What will be different about your life? What will you be doing differently? How will that make you feel? What difference will that make? And so on until your mind has a wonderful and clear vision’

Hypnotherapy gives you access to your unconscious mind, so you can make those changes. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis, I am just your guide. You make it happen!

Happy hormones

Why does hypnotherapy work?

Hypnotherapy changes your brain waves. The theta wave is an indication of a meditative state, similar to daydreaming. When you are in this state of mind, you are relaxed and more carefree. Problem solving and learning takes place. “You can re-program” your brain with ideas and beliefs that you truly want to believe. Other benefits include the immune system being stimulated which has a knock-on effect on overall health and wellbeing.

Alpha brainwaves are a sign of relaxed activity in your brain. Your body and mind feel calm, life just seems to “flow”. Thoughts are positive and creative. You’ll notice that you retain more information and can problem-solve more easily. Alpha waves are also a natural anti-depressant. And for the sportspeople among you, alpha waves help create optimal sports performance.

Sadly stress, anxiety, tension, and overworking tend to deplete your alpha wave activity!

Delta brain waves are our slowest brainwaves and produced when in the deepest stages of sleep. You might be very excited to know, this is when anti-aging hormones are released. So hypnotherapy helps with your beauty sleep!

If you suffer from insomnia higher levels of cortisol and adrenaline are released, as you know this makes you feel rotten!

Last but not least beta waves are our fastest brainwaves. They help you to think rapidly, you feel full of energy. Your levels of motivation are high and you are goal-oriented. You’re wanting to be out socialising, having interesting and stimulating conversations with others.

But to much beta is exhausting, for you and others! Sometimes leading to knee jerk decisions. and reactions.

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