What is a phobia?

There are two types of phobias, common for example fear of spiders, or more complex which included needles and blood.

A phobia is an irrational fear of something, it’s not you that’s irrational but your reaction to the fear. There are a couple of ways that phobias are created. They can be passed on, for example, your mother might have had fear of spiders or something traumatic happened to you. The brain then doesn’t process in the usual way after the event and it becomes stuck in the emotional area of our brain. Avoiding certain things may not affect your life too much. However, if you have a fear of needles for example this could have a detrimental effect on your health.

First session 90 minutes £80. Future sessions £60.


Clients Experiences

Needle Phobia

I was looking for a hypnotherapist to help with an extreme needle phobia and came across a recommendation for Suzanne on social media. I checked her web pages and was reassured that there were no pictures of needles (which was reassuring). Suzanne was happy to talk me through her methods and what she knew about my specific phobias, didn’t promise any unrealistic outcomes, or pushed me into booking any sessions. I had two sessions within a few days of each other trying two slightly different techniques, having already spent some evenings listening to a relaxation mp3 of Suzanne’s voice to make myself familiar and comfortable. I was quite emotional during the sessions as even thinking of talking about my phobia was extremely upsetting but Suzanne was very easy to work with and gently and patiently guided me through the processes and helped me come up with my narrative. After the sessions, I was unsure how I felt, or if it had made things any better, although I definitely felt a lot better in my own wellbeing that I was taking steps to improve something that was having quite a negative impact on my mental health. Two months have passed and I have not had a single phobic reaction to any of the covid vaccination images or news that I was struggling with previously, and most impressively in the last two weeks, I have been able to have two procedures without anxiety, crying or fainting. I have been able to explain to the medical practitioner in a calm factual way that I have a needle phobia and might faint and am able to clearly request things they can do that will help me (this seems small but I couldn’t even do this without getting distressed). I can’t thank or recommend Suzanne enough for helping me and wish I had seen her sooner.


Needle Phobia

Susanne was so welcoming and kind, her home was lovely and the perfect environment for the hypnotherapy. After just two sessions my phobia of needles feels it has settled – would highly recommend it!


Bird Phobia

Susanne made me feel really relaxed and at ease during my sessions.                              

I now find I am able to do everyday activities e.g. shopping, going to the park with my grandchildren without feeling anxious and panicking.

For me personally, I feel hypnotherapy has been successful. I found the sessions relaxing and I didn’t need many before noticing a positive effect.