Fees & Therapy

Susanne Leigh Hypnotherapy Appointments

Would you like to have an informal chat with me before booking an appointment? If so please call me Susanne on 07801578573.

My style of therapy is compassionate and non-judgemental. My best hopes are for you to leave your first session feeling relaxed and more hopeful.  Once your sense of hope grows you will begin to notice your inner world-changing. We often don’t have control of the outside environment. However, we do have control over our inner environment.

Each session lasts an hour and costs £50.

At the moment I am seeing clients over Zoom. Which has been a new experience for me? However, I have been pleasantly surprised that new and old clients alike have embraced this brave new world. In fact, I think some clients do feel more relaxed being in their own homes.

I have even enjoyed meeting their dogs and children sometimes. What I am trying to say is life goes on! So, don’t put yours on hold any longer.

Weight loss & Mindset

You can either book an appointment to see me one to one.

Or prearranged groups of six.

Maybe you would like to get together with friends and family and create your own private group.

This investment in yourself costs £80 each, for groups of 6.

Or a one to one investment of £50 per session.

Each session is about one and a half hours long.

Please get in touch with me Susanne  Contact