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Before hypnotherapy, I found myself quite consumed by anxious thoughts which were starting to impact my everyday life. Therefore I chose solution-focused hypnotherapy because I looking for something other than medication or traditional therapy as a solution. Starting off the sessions very anxious, I found Sue to be incredible at creating a calming, positive, and friendly atmosphere. Sue is bubbly, colorful, and non-judgmental and has to lead me to see life in a more positive light.  The results of working with Sue are unique as they seem to be discovered together. Sharing experiences and talking through the sessions meant solution-focused therapy for me was a journey into a more solid and calm mind. The techniques I’ve learned have changed my outlook on people and life, and I hope to continue to put what I have learned into practice. I would highly recommend this service for anyone who wants a positive, calming, and supportive alternative to traditional therapy. Daisy


Before I had hypnotherapy, I was very low, had no confidence in myself & I was always very negative about things. I couldn’t be bothered to do things that I would normally enjoy doing (hobbies). Working with Sue was amazing, she made me feel at ease from the start. Sue has a calm way about her & I looked forward to my sessions. Results from working with Sue have been unbelievable. I am now a lot more positive, I have also gone back to my hobbies of boxing training & playing my guitar & banjo, plus I sleep a lot better. I will also continue to be more positive in everything.If someone asked me about using your service I would highly recommend you & I would tell them to just do it. They will be pleasantly surprised by what they achieve. Many thanks again, Sue. Ray


I’ve got an interview coming up on Wednesday for a job I really want so I’m feeling positive about that it was my nephew’s 18th birthday on Sunday so we celebrated that, It was a lovely day. Saturday I did a Halloween tea party for my family and I’ve lost a stone! Joined a running club that happens every Saturday. So everything’s going great! Before my hypnotherapy, I felt very anxious, depressed, and generally down. I stayed in for the majority of my free time and I wasn’t enjoying the general day to day activities such as socializing with friends and family. During my sessions, I found you relaxing, friendly, positive, and just amazing for helping me get through my anxiety and stress. My anxiety levels have dramatically decreased, I feel positive every day, I enjoy keeping myself busy and taking part in new hobbies and getting out rather than staying in doing nothing. I definitely have a positive outlook on life in general now and I believe I’m truly at my best. I would highly recommend you Sue as I believe you have truly helped me and I really can’t thank you enough. If it wasn’t for your amazing hypnotherapy sessions I would still have the same negative feelings from before. If a friend asked me about the sessions, I’d tell them to go for it as they won’t regret it and it will really help them.


I chose hypnotherapy initially to help with weight management as was conscious my eating habits were linked to my emotions. Every Friday at work, I would have ‘fat Friday’ and was desperate to take control again. I was also on the highest dose of antidepressant medication which I felt I had become tolerant of, so I was eager to find another solution as having been up and down with depression since I was a teenager. I was apprehensive about hypnotherapy as always thought of it as the deep trance state and nervous as I knew Sue on a personal level. She assured me before any session that I would enter a trance but could come out of it at any time if I felt uncomfortable, I didn’t need to worry as learned the trance state was just deep relaxation and time to switch off from day to day stresses. Sue always remains professional and confidentiality has always been upheld. Not only did I thoroughly enjoy the trance but talking positively, reflecting on my ‘happy moments’, and setting goals has been such an influence and I have been off SSRIs for a few months. I genuinely believe I would have not got off them solely and can’t praise the use of hypnotherapy and support from sue enough. Reflecting back, although I have lost around a stone in weight, the effects on my mental well-being outweigh the weigh management I initially wanted. It has also made monumental changes in my personal relationships. I would highly recommend hypnotherapy to others if you are struggling with any aspect of your life.


Having engaged previously in other types of therapy throughout my life, solution-focused hypnotherapy emerged as a new option to combat my depression and anxiety. Sessions were always taken from a positive stance within a relaxed and trusting setting. Sue provides an open and success based way of tackling what has always seemed to be an unchangeable outlook and attitude to life with its debilitating consequences. I have noticed a steady change in confidence, self-esteem, and a complete mind shift to dealing with everyday life from a solution-focused perspective. I now can access new ways of looking at what would have been a major problem to seeing this as a possible adventure to engage in. I would 100% recommend this approach for a whole new outlook on life.

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