Weight-Loss & Mindset

Susanne Leigh Hypnotherapy weight loss & mindset-& mindsetHow I Can Help

Would you like to have control over your eating habits?

I am always being asked if I can hypnotise someone to stop them from eating, chocolate, crisps, etc. And yes, I can certainly help you with your mindset and breaking those unhealthy habits.

I will teach you to use your mind in an effective way to achieve your health goals. To become the best version of you, rather than the self-destruct mode you are currently using!

This might mean that you have to break your health goals down into surmountable achievements. Firstly you will pick one that is challenging but you are pretty confident you can achieve. For example, cutting out eating in between meals. Over the following sessions, these achievements will be built on.

By guiding you through four simple steps using your imagination you will see and feel what it looks like to be the best version of yourself. You will then change gear to find the inner obstacles stopping you from achieving your wish. This is called mental contrasting and creates a link between the wish and the obstacle. Lastly, you will create a plan of change that resets your automatic default mode and is referred to as implementation intentions. This process of conscious thought triggers off unconscious processes in the brain that do the work for you.

My clients are quite taken back by the positive effects that take place after just one session. I so look forward to their follow up session and hearing about what’s been better. I hear time and time again about the ripple effect that hypnotherapy has had on them. For example, feeling more confident, sleeping better, less stressed, and more motivated.

And lastly, hypnotherapy will leave you feeling wonderfully relaxed and in control.

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