Have more control over your eating habits.

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Science is now showing us that weight management is not all about calories in energy out. Our bodies are a complex system of hormones and responses to those messages.

I work with my clients in a holistic way that not only helps with those unhealthy habits but addresses any underlying problems which may also be contributing to weight issues. These might include anxiety, low self-esteem, or sleep issues. However, it could be you have just got into bad habits!

Unrealistically you tell yourself you won’t eat sugar or fat and exercise every day! Only to feel a failure a few days later when you cave in because all you can think about is eating!

You can’t just stop eating, otherwise, you would die! So when you try to cut back drastically your brain sees it as a signal that something is wrong. Evolutionary speaking if you were hungry it would mean that there was some sort of fret to your survival, an injury so you couldn’t hunt, or a famine.

We will put a stop to the anxiety of this happening by starting slowly and building on success.

To start you simply decide on one thing you could change that would make a difference. For example, cutting out eating in between meals. This might be challenging but you need to feel confident that you can achieve your goal. Over the following sessions, you will build on your achievements.

I will guide you through four simple steps using your imagination to feel what it’s like to achieve your goal.

You will find the inner obstacles stopping you. The science behind this is called mental contrasting. A link in the subconscious mind is made between the goal and the obstacle.

Lastly, you will create a plan of change, thus creating another link in the subconscious mind (more science) and is referred to as implementation intentions. This process of conscious thought triggers off unconscious processes in the brain that do the work for you so goals become effortless.

My clients are quite taken aback by the positive effects after just one session. I so look forward to their follow up sessions and hearing about what they have been most pleased to notice.

I hear time and time again about the ripple effect hypnotherapy has had. For example, feeling more confident, sleeping better, less stressed, more energy and motivated.

And lastly, I am teaching you a tool for life, so when the therapy ends you will confidently be able to use it.

first session 90 minutes £80. future sessions £60.



Clients Words


“I have really enjoyed my sessions with Susanne. She is friendly, positive, and welcoming. She explained everything thoroughly to me and the principles behind what she does and why. I have struggled with my weight for many years and have often dealt with it quite negatively. Susanne has helped me to retrain my brain and break things down into manageable chunks. She listens and helps whilst giving you the tools and tips to go forward. These tools have been massively helpful and I have been able to apply them and use them in other areas of my life. I would recommend the weight sessions I took and recommend Susanne if you need help with this or anything else like anxiety. Thank you, Susanne”



I have been using Susanne for weight management for a while and I have to say I was completely amazed! From the moment after the session, i was no longer snacking at every given opportunity. A trip to the kitchen ceased being a foray into the fridge and the devouring of a whole packet of biscuits. I felt relaxed, focused, and determined, not only with the snacking but in other areas of my life. This is not a quick fix to ‘lose a stone in a day’ solution. This is a rewiring of your brain and thought process. You manage your weight as you change your thinking. Give it a go you have nothing to lose but your bad habits.  Thank you, Susanne”


“Highly recommend Susanne. Honestly, she worked miracles on me and I’m so impressed with the results. Her therapy room is so cosy you won’t want to leave!

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