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One Life Your Life

I am always being asked by someone if I can hypnotise them to stop eating chocolate and crisps, etc. And yes I can certainly help you stop those habits and lose those unwanted pounds.

So would you like to have control over your eating habits?

I will teach you to use your mind in an effective way to achieve your health goals. You will become a better version of yourself, and stop using that self-destruct mode you are currently using!

You may have a lot of weight to lose. As you know when we start a diet on Monday (why is always a Monday?) We tell ourselves that we won’t eat sugar or fat and we’ll exercise every day! Realistically that won’t happen! because our brain sees change as a fret. So we will start softly. First, you will decide on one thing to change.  For example, cutting out eating in between meals. This might be challenging but I want you to feel confident that you can achieve your wish. Over the following sessions, we will build on your achievements.

When I guide you through these four simple steps using your imagination you will see and feel what it looks like to be the best version of yourself. We will then change gear to find the inner obstacles stopping you from achieving your wish. This is the science bit! it is called mental contrasting. What it does is create a link in the subconscious mind between the wish and the obstacle. Lastly, you will create a plan of change, thus creating another link in the subconscious mind (more science) and is referred to as implementation intentions. This process of conscious thought triggers off unconscious processes in the brain that do the work for you so goals become effortless.

My clients are quite taken back by the positive effects that take place after just one session. I so look forward to their follow up sessions and hearing about what’s been better. I hear time and time again about the ripple effect that hypnotherapy has had on them. For example, feeling more confident, sleeping better, less stressed, and more motivated.

And lastly, I am teaching you a tool that you will have for life, so when the therapy ends you will confidently be able to use it as and when you need it.  Hypnotherapy is a skill and like anything worth learning takes time and a little kindness to one’s self to learn. Hypnotherapy will leave you feeling wonderful, relaxed, and in control.

One Life . Your Life

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