Hello, I’m Susanne a Weight-Loss and Mindset Therapist

Do you want help to overcome emotional eating and cravings? Hypnotherapy helps calm your mind so you can take control of your thoughts, feelings, and actions towards food.

I am passionate about helping you to live a life where every waking hour isn’t consumed by thinking about food. This was the reason I became a hypnotherapist. I have also struggled over the years with emotional eating so I had to prove to myself first that I had the right tools before I could help others.

I use two well-researched and evidence-based approaches to help break unwanted eating habits and negative thought patterns around them.


The first is Solution Focused Hypnotherapy. I believe you are the expert on your own life and I am helping you to be the best version of yourself. This might seem a strange approach, after all, we normally seek the help of an expert to solve our problems!  You know what you want to change, so that is our starting point. we will explore what difference that would make to your life and what will be different if the problem went away.

Our brain sees change as a fret so this approach rewires the brain into thinking in a more solution-focused way rather than dwelling on the problem.

Hypnotherapy or the trance state is a bit like daydreaming. When our mind is in a more relaxed state the subconscious mind is able to make those changes. As you know when something is at the forefront of our mind whether that’s food or some other desire that is all we see or think about!

Over the course of the therapy, I will encourage you to notice what other areas of your life are also improving. You might be surprised to notice how much positive change happens between sessions. This could be that your sleep has improved, which has a big impact on mental wellbeing overall. During sleep, our brain is at its busiest processing emotions, repairing the body, etc.


My second approach is a four-step imagination tool, which can seem to have an almost magical effect. But there is science behind the process.

Firstly you will decide on something that you want to change, do less of, or even more of.  This needs to be feasible but challenging. Secondly, you will explore the best possible outcome of making this change.  Thirdly we will change gear and look for the inner obstacle which is stopping you from making that change. It could be an emotion, an irrational thought or belief, or just a bad habit. Whatever it is and this part can be challenging and sometimes emotional. I am here to support and guide you. Once the inner obstacle is found a plan is created. What this process does is create links in the mind that triggers off unconscious processes in the brain that then do the work for you.

One Life . Your Life

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    I aim to respond to enquires within 48 hours. If you have not had a response by this time, please check your spam folder. 

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