Wave Goodbye To Anxiety. Say Hello To Life!

In my experience, many of my clients have been on quite a journey before they ever considered hypnotherapy! Is this you? Maybe you feel anxious, frustrated, not listened to, or even believed, sometimes laughed at! The complete opposite of how I want my clients to feel.

Hypnotherapy can help you to overcome anxiety, regain your confidence, manage your weight, reduce symptoms of IBS and cure phobias. Together we will work with the unconscious mind to change neural pathways in the brain. Modern hypnotherapy combines talking therapy, visualisation, and neuroscience to change negative thoughts, feelings, or actions.

My clients all have one thing in common. They are ready for change. What will your life look like without the problem?

How will you feel?

What difference will it make to your life and those close to you?

The conscious effort of creating a vision of what life could be, triggers unconscious processes in the brain. These unconscious processes help take the hard work out of finding a solution or coping better if the situation is out of your control.

I like to think hypnotherapy is kin to having a guide into the future, without fear and judgment of yourself or others.

My working hours are Monday to Thursday 10 am till 7 pm. Your first session will last about 90 minutes and your investment is £80, further sessions £60.

If the thought of hypnotherapy is daunting or you’re not sure it’s the right therapy for you call me Susanne on 07801578573.

One Life . Your Life

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    I aim to respond to enquires within 48 hours. If you have not had a response by this time, please check your spam folder. 

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