Hypnotherapy and IBS

6 facts about Gut-Directed Hypnotherapy for IBS

Treating IBS With Hypnotherapy.

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I have heard so many awful experiences from my clients about their IBS journey. So I hope I can give you hope that there is a natural, long-lasting,  no-side-effects way of treating the symptoms of IBS,  backed up by 40 years of research.

In my experience, I have often found a traumatic trigger around the time the symptoms started. This could be anything from bullying, grief, physical injury, or illness.

So my starting point is to learn about your experience. Alongside this, I will teach you ways to quickly reduce anxiety, address protective patterns, heal emotional triggers, and effectively tackle any limiting beliefs.

On average we will meet for six 90-minute sessions.


The science behind IBS and hypnotherapy:

  • Scientifically proven to work in 70% to 80% of IBS patients.
  • Reduces physical and emotional symptoms.
  • Works in those patients who failed to respond to other treatments.
  • Works in severe cases.
  • Improvement lasts for at least I’ve years.
  • Has no side effects.

Here is a link to Professor Peter Whorwell’s ground-breaking research into IBS and hypnotherapy.



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