Limiting Self-Beliefs

What is a limiting self-belief?

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What limiting self-belief ? A limiting self-belief is something you have chosen to believe about yourself that is hurting your life.

Would you agree that most of us have some sort of limiting self-belief? ” I’m not enough…”. Maybe you have noticed some red flags recently? Are you always apologising, putting everyone else first, people pleasing, imposter syndrome, can’t say no, negatively thinking, or taking everything personally? I could go on.


Where do limiting self-beliefs come from?

When you were born you had some basic needs like food and shelter. Babies and children also need to have unconditional love and connection to feel accepted and validated. Even the best parents in the world have off days, when maybe there tired or stressed, and say or do things they don’t mean.

Between the ages of 0 to 7, we are in the imprint stage of brain development and our lives revolve around us. We are in a constant learning state, however this can lead to misunderstanding. Your brain isn’t fully developed and you don’t have life experience so as children we tend to make things our fault. This is because believing our parents to be in the wrong would be unimaginable.

The moment you decide to believe something ( I’m not good enough) your mind and body start acting as if it’s true. And because of the way your brain works, it’s like to prove you right! By finding and pointing out evidence of this misunderstanding!

Fast forward to age 7-14, and you enter the modeling stage of brain development.  Your personality unfolds more and you want to fit in with your peers. You don’t want to be different, for your friends to think you’re……. so you adapt. Maybe become the class clown, an overachiever, or even the bully!

By the time you reach age 14-21, you find yourself in a tug of war between your conscious and unconscious mind. When your wounds get triggered you regress to the small child and how you were thinking, feeling, and behaving when the belief was formed. These beliefs are now stopping you from being happy, confident, and reaching your full potential.

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