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Trauma, anxiety, and limiting self-belief   

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“As I sat down to write this review the only words that kept springing to mind were THANK YOU……. I was recommended to Susanne when I was in conversation with someone and I was explaining how I had been in a mentally abusive relationship for 22 years with a narcissist. It had been 4 years since the divorce and I had tried everything to recover, ie. fitness, healthy eating, getting finances & life in order but I still could not move forward. He and his family were still controlling my mind and I couldn’t let go. I had no idea what I was going into but Susanne made me feel comfortable from the first phone call and I knew it was something I wanted to try.
I now understand why I couldn’t let go, I needed help to put my past behind me and think differently. I had complex PTSD so when I told Susanne this I was over the moon to hear that she knew of a method which had great results in helping PTSD.
I can honestly say, from the day after the therapy, I have not had any recurring flashbacks and I can sleep through the night. I now feel like HE and his family are in the distance and I can once again focus. I can feel emotions and I am not enclosed in the bubble that had consumed me for the last 4 years. I am getting stronger every day and my life is now fitting together like a puzzle.
I don’t know how you did it Susanne, but once again THANK YOU, I have my life back and smile every day now.”

Trauma, anxiety, and limiting self-belief  Get In Touch

“Susanne puts you at ease. The ambiance of the room is very relaxing and (despite my incorrect assumptions about hypnosis) you remain in control of everything while you are there. Everything is non-disclosure, so Susanne can help you without you needing to tell your deepest, darkest secrets.

My head definitely feels a lot clearer now and I’m not playing old events over and over like I used to. I feel like the brain fog is gone. I’m feeling generally much more positive than I used to and very hopeful for the future (rather than anxious). Whenever I feel the nerves or anxiety creeping in, Susanne has taught me some techniques to help me regulate (such as using an ‘anchor’ and the ‘havering technique’), so I have some tricks up my sleeve to prevent a panic attack. I’ve also been using Susanne’s meditation most nights which has reduced my nightmares and my quality of sleep has massively improved. If I wake in the night now, I drift back to sleep quite easily.

I’m still me, but I feel different somehow. Family and friends have noticed the positive impact hypnotherapy has had on me. I would highly recommend.”


Trauma, anxiety, and limiting self-belief  Get In Touch

“Sue is fantastic to work with, she is welcoming, friendly and professional, putting you at ease from the start. She provides a safe and comfortable environment to discuss your traumas. Everything is explained really well at the start of the session so you know exactly what to expect. Sue has a wonderful relaxing voice again putting you at ease and going into hypnosis very easily. After my therapy session, I can honestly feel more confident and do not let past traumas stop me anymore. I cannot recommend Sue highly enough, you’ll only benefit from meeting her.

Id really like to try and help get rid of the stigma of hypnotherapy especially for men. Hypnotherapy is not some magic thing where you go under a trance and somebody manipulates you into doing things or performing miracles rather a relaxing tool that helps make subconscious on your side and achieve what you want. I reached out to Suzanne to try and help me overcome certain fears and anxieties. The first session for me was a little tough to relax but i made sure to persevere and the next session was incredible, Suzanne is lovely and kind and very quick to feel relaxed around. She can figure out the best way to help you and what will work the most effectively. I came out of around 6 sessions with a completely changed mindset that i had tried years to fix but with no joy. Hypnotherapy should be used more widely by people and id 100% recommend it to anyone. Especially Susanne.”



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“So hard to put into words on how Susanne has really helped me to turn my life around, I was at my lowest ebb when I finally plucked the courage to make an appointment with her, all I can say is just WOW! I was suffering from anxiety so badly that I was becoming a recluse and would only go out wearing dark colours and would not eat hours before as I would suffer with a dodgy stomach it was becoming impossible to live a so called normal life! But what a turnaround with Susanne help and guidance not only have I gone away on holiday and had the best time ever without wearing dark colours my anxiety is basically non existent but if it does raise it’s ugly head I now have the coping mechanism to help me through it. Thank you Susanne for everything x”

IBS  Get In Touch

“After having suffered with IBS since around the age of 16 I’ve been looking at lots of possible ways to subside the cramps and bloating. After seeing that Susanne was offering hypnotherapy with a focus on supporting those suffering from IBS I had nothing to lose and liked the idea of no medication, talking to someone, and knowing it was supported by the NHS. I was curious to see if it worked. After the first week, I noticed straight away that my tiredness was changing and my sleeping seemed to be much better. I stopped getting up 2/3 times a night to go to the toilet and I felt more rested. After continuing with our weekly sessions I noticed I had more energy, my bloating although still there occasionally was subsiding and my attitude towards life was shifting from negative to positive. My anxieties around situations were changing (for the better) and I feel like a more glass full kinda girl thanks to continuing with the hypno and audios at night. Working with Susanne has shown me how much my hidden anxieties were causing my symptoms and I seem to have dealt with the root problem rather than masking it. It’s a continuing journey but so far it has only been positive. I cannot recommend this enough if you suffer from IBS. Susanne is extremely kind, caring, and a wonderful person to speak with during our sessions. She has made me see things more clearly and helped to develop my attitude into a more positive one. All these factors that I felt I had dealt with were just sitting simmering away under the surface and it took hypnotherapy to bring them out and help alleviate the anxieties. If you are a sufferer I strongly suggest you speak with Susanne and look into starting some sessions as you will definitely see some changes from your first session.”


IBS  Get In Touch

“I was diagnosed with IBS at the age of 14, I am now nearly 51. I’ve tried everything from homeopathic remedies to medication prescribed by my GP, but nothing worked.

Meeting Susanne, on a day when I had a particularly painful flare-up, was a godsend, I booked an appointment with her the day after for hypnotherapy, she was patient and so encouraging, and we talked about everything that could have an impact on my situation, giving a broader picture of what was going on.

After 6 sessions with Susanne, I have learned to take time, breathe, and understand what is going on with my body, I saw my tummy as a separate entity – it did what it wanted, I had no control, and I am so pleased to say that I do now.”

Not only are my symptoms noticeably much better, but I am also sleeping better too, something that really did impact my life, almost as much as the IBS.

I can’t recommend Susanne highly enough; she has managed to achieve something for me that I never thought was possible.”

Needle Phobia Get In Touch

“I was looking for a hypnotherapist to help with an extreme needle phobia and came across a recommendation for Suzanne on social media. I checked her webpages and was reassured that there were no pictures of needles (which was reassuring). Suzanne was happy to talk me through her methods and what she knew about my specific phobias, didn’t promise any unrealistic outcomes or push me into booking any sessions.
I had two sessions within a few days of each other trying two slightly different techniques, having already spent some evenings listening to a relaxation mp3 of Suzanne’s voice to make myself familiar and comfortable. I was quite emotional during the sessions as even thinking or taking about my phobia was extremely upsetting but Suzanne was very easy to work with and gently and patiently guided me through the processes and helped me come up with my narrative.
After the sessions I was unsure how I felt, or if it had made things any better, although I definitely felt a lot better in my own wellbeing that I was taking steps to improve something that was having quite a negative impact on my mental health.
Two months have passed and I have not had a single phobic reaction to any of the covid vaccination images or news that I was struggling with previously, and most impressively in the last two weeks, I have been able to have two procedures without anxiety, crying or fainting. I have been able to explain to the medical practitioner in a calm factual way that I have needle phobia and might faint and am able to clearly request things they can do that will help me (this seems small but I couldn’t even do this without getting distressed).
I can’t thank or recommend Suzanne enough for helping me, and wish I had seen her sooner.”

Needle Phobia Get In Touch

“Susanne was so welcoming and kind, her home was lovely and the perfect environment for the hypnotherapy. After just two sessions my phobia of needles feels like it has settled – would highly recommend it!”


Bird Phobia  Get In Touch

Susanne made me feel really relaxed and at ease during my sessions. I now find I am able to do everyday activities e.g. shopping, and going to the park with my grandchildren without feeling anxious and panicking. For me personally, I feel hypnotherapy has been successful. I found the sessions relaxing and I didn’t need many before noticing a positive effect.”

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“Before I attended hypnotherapy, I was very anxious, negative, stressed and had trouble focusing Sue was absolutely wonderful to work with and immediately made me feel relaxed. She’s so easy to talk to and there was never a session in which we didn’t laugh. My time with Sue has taught me how to think differently and to stop following every positive with a negative. I think things through more clearly & calmly and generally feel more relaxed and happier in myself. We also worked on eating habits and I can honestly say that my comfort eating has stopped and I feel much more focused on my general well being which, in turn, has made me more confident.If you’re reading this and wondering whether to give Sue a call, I would seriously recommend it. Hypnotherapy is a wonderful way of retraining your brain and Sue is very passionate about what she does. I actually miss my sessions”

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Sue is just wonderful, her therapy room is warm and welcoming and she immediately makes you feel at ease. Can’t thank her enough for the time she has spent with me and would recommend her to anyone thinking about trying hypnotherapy. Not only has she helped me find a better relationship with food, but the therapy has also surprisingly fed into a lot of other areas of my life which has made such a positive difference to my well-being! I look forward to our sessions and always come out floating! Can’t wait for the next one!”

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“I have really enjoyed my sessions with Susanne. She is friendly, positive, and welcoming. She explained everything thoroughly to me and the principles behind what she does and why. I have struggled with my weight for many years and have often dealt with it quite negatively. Susanne has helped me to retrain my brain and break things down into manageable chunks. She listens and helps whilst giving you the tools and tips to go forward with. These tools have been massively helpful and I have also been able to apply them and use them in other areas of my life. I would recommend the weight sessions I took and recommend Susanne if you need help with this or anything else like anxiety. Thank you Susanne!”

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“I had reached a point in my life where I needed to change my attitude towards food and felt that hypnotherapy was the way forward. I researched several practitioners but Sussane stood out as the one for me. I felt very comfortable with Sussane. She is very friendly and has a lovely calm presence. I had several sessions with her and each time my motivation and resolve were strengthened. Susanne’s therapy room is very comfortable and relaxing too. We had quite a few laughs along the way and I’m going to miss my sessions with her.”