Hypnotherapy For Weight Management

6 facts about hypnotherapy for weight-loss

Weight Loss And Hypnotherapy

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Weight loss used to sound a lot simpler a few years ago when we were led to believe that it was just a case of calories in and calories out!

Now we know that sleep stress, anxiety, gut health, hormones, how we think about food, and limiting self-belief all play their part.


This true story blew my mind when I heard it – all about a milkshake!

A research scientist was studying whether how we think about food alters how we process it in our bodies. A group of volunteers was asked to take part in a trial to determine the satiety of two good replacement milkshakes.

They were given the first one and told it was low low-calorie, healthier option. Their blood was monitored before and after. hen asked about their thoughts on the first milkshake, their answers were,” It was okay, but they let hungry a while later.”

Their blood results confirmed this: their glucose levels went up quickly after drinking and fell very rapidly, making them feel hungry again.

The following week the same group was told they were now drinking a luxury, I’ll fat, fresh fruit milkshake. Again their blood was monitored, and they were asked their thoughts on the milkshake. This time, their answers were, “It was delicious, they could taste the fruit, and it was so much more willing they didn’t want to eat for hours.”

And their glucose levels agreed; they remained stable for a much longer time, keeping them full and satisfied! And guess what? Yes, you are right; they were both the same milkshake!


So how will hypnotherapy help you manage your weight?

Firstly we will clear any of your life “laundry” (trauma) – quite frankly, the things you have struggled to let go of. Then, you will change protective patterns that have prevented you from moving forward. Next, you hear emotional triggers, and lastly, address limiting beliefs.

I have to say, hypnotherapy doesn’t stop things from happening; however, when you have slayed your past, any future obstacles will be met from a place of calm and not self-sabotage.


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