Hypnotherapy For Anxiety Relief.

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I understand that you know how anxiety feels! However, I would like to explain three different types of anxiety. The first is feeling anxious or nervous about an upcoming event, such as a driving test, which I believe most of us have experienced at some point.


Second, becomes more complex because you might be experiencing anxiety triggered by multiple situations and various degrees of intensity. You might even encounter a full-blown fight, flight, or freeze response.


Thirdly,  you might be in a constant state of overwhelm. This is often caused by not being in alignment with your core values or harboring limiting self-belief about yourself.


For example, if your core value is to feel loved and secure, being in an unhealthy relationship can create a direct conflict with your needs. Leading to a constant sense of overwhelm.


A limiting belief is something you choose to believe about yourself either consciously or unconsciously. In most cases, it involves a feeling of “not being good enough”. Your brain tends to filter out anything that contradicts this belief, hindering you from reaching your full potential and contributing to a constant state of overwhelm.


How hypnotherapy can help anxiety:

Various hypnotherapy techniques can alleviate all three types of anxiety. By understanding how you create an anxiety pattern we can work together to calm your nervous system and address future issues.


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