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What is Trauma?

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Trauma is a physical response to something distressing or disturbing and I can help you release trauma using an NLP technique called Rewind. Your brain is unique to you. No two people’s experiences of an event are the same. I’m sure you remember chatting with a friend about a time when… and your versions are very different. This is because you’re internal filters, beliefs, history, and personality pick and store what is important to you.


Before we look at how trauma is made it might be a good idea to understand how your brain functions normally. You take in information through your five senses sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell. Your brain is constantly alert to keep you safe, this information is run through the amygdala, a checking system. If no threat is detected your brain allows you to continue your day undisturbed.  Day-to-day experiences are stored in the hippocampus (your internal reference library) if they are considered important then they are moved to your long-term memory storage (cerebral cortex.)


How is trauma made?

When you experience something your brain deems as a threat or distressing your amygdala behaves differently, it takes a snapshot of everything going on around you via your senses and then activates the gland that floods your body with stress hormones.  So you can then fight, take flight, or freeze.  This threat is then stored in your hippocampus on a continuous loop, like a search engine, constantly looking out for you. Get In Touch


Example – Imagine you were bullied at school, and many years later you attend a school reunion. You are standing chatting with old friends and suddenly you hear the “voice” Instantly your heart starts racing, your breathing becomes erratic, and you want to run away! You’re a grown-up but your brain has taken you back to how you felt being that child again!


It is important to know the brain doesn’t know the difference between reality and imagination. So if you imagine a threat your brain will perceive it as real, and your body will react accordingly.


Trauma release

You might feel a little better talking about your experience, but trauma cannot be released consciously. NLP technique Rewind cannot remove a memory however, it can help you release the emotions in a controlled way that won’t activate your fight, light freeze response. It is quick, safe, and content-free, so you don’t need to tell me any “life laundry”. Previous clients tell me  “It’s like a shutter coming down and my mind just won’t go there”


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